Locally created strategic role-playing game Starium XCV launches Kickstarter campaign

Community News |Sep 20, 2019|3 min read

Gwythdarian LLC launches its Kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of its project Starium XCV, a strategy and role-playing game of galactic exploration and power requiring no download and can be played with any current browser.


The Kickstarter launched on Sept 12 and is designed as a method to speed up development and begin marketing the game.


Kickstarter site: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/stariumxcv/starium-xcv


Starium XCV is a game of survival, exploration and eventual dominance with thousands of other players set against an elaborate galactic setting of over one hundred thousand star systems and tens of thousands of computer controlled empires.  Players start owning a small colony that abruptly loses contact with the core worlds of the Concordium.  Shortly thereafter an unexpected discovery of alien spacefaring technology grants these colonies space faring capabilities.  What happened to the Concordium?  Why was there no word?  Between these answers and the player is an unmapped and uncharted galaxy modeled after the Milky way filled with unknowns.


As players explore, they will discover many civilizations and races.  Each with both racial and cultural details along with elaborate histories that help define how they act and react to both players and other computer-controlled empires.


Create federations and carve out empires.  Create unique and detailed starships and military units.  Develop unique technologies designed so that no two empires will be similar.  Discover ancient ruins that hold secrets or discover wonders that help fuel your empire and federations quest for power.  Drop spies, emissaries, and religious agents to watch your opposition and act when necessary to thwart the enemy in unexpected ways.  This is a deep context driven experience designed for years of play all available through a browser with no downloads.


About Starium XCV

Starium XCV is a strategic role-playing game of galactic power. Starting with an abandoned colony and unexpectedly discovering a unique spacefaring technology, you seek answers to why your people were abandoned. But first, you must deal with the thousands of players and computer-controlled empires all with elaborate and detailed histories that populate the stellar reaches of the galaxy.


  • Explore a vast galaxy of over one hundred thousand stars each containing different worlds and moons.
  • Interact with thousands of unique computer-controlled empires with elaborate histories.
  • Customize your ships and ground units both graphically and functionally.
  • Develop unique technologies.
  • Experience the deep lore and high context of the Concordium.
  • Deploy covert, religious and political agents to do your bidding.
  • Develop your leaders to become Galactic Legends.
  • Form interstellar federations with other players for dominance and defense.
  • Explore ancient ruins and uncover the buried truths of who your people really are.



About Gwythdarian

Gwythdarian® is a West Michigan video game company founded in 2011.  It is located in Muskegon Michigan.

More information about Gwythdarian and its products can be found on the company’s website, www.gwythdarian.com or by following stariumXCV on Facebook and Twitter.