Cruise ship passengers call Muskegon one of their favorite Ports on the Great Lakes!

The Port of Muskegon is the eastern host for the Lake Express High-Speed Ferry as well the local Aquastar. We are also the host to multiple Great Lakes Cruise Lines including the Pearl Mist, Victory I & II, and Le Champlain. On the commercial side, our facilities and marine services are world-class.


Docking Facilities and Reservations

Muskegon Lake is the largest natural deep-water port on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan! The maximum depth is 79 feet, while the size is approximately 12 square miles, learn more. The Port of Muskegon dock at Heritage Landing can be reserved by calling 231-724-3103 or clicking by contacting Bob Lukens.


Cruise Ship Schedule

The 2021 cruise ship schedule will be available very soon!


Dockside Welcome and Excursion Arrangements

The Port of Muskegon is known as the “Riviera of the Midwest” for its charming and clean landscape. Top excursions include the USS LST Veterans Museum, Hackley & Hume Historic Site, the Muskegon Museum of Art, and the Muskegon Heritage Museum.

The Heritage District is filled with rich history and today’s cultural life. You will see painted lady homes, attractions, museums, sculptures, and stunning gardens. Meet local farmers at the market, or stop at a delicious eatery. Get the A day in Muskegon map!

Cruise lines may get in touch with the Chamber to make custom shore excursions or guide arrangements. Groups of all sizes can be accommodated. The Lakeshore Chamber can provide a fully staffed welcome tent at dockside. For pricing and reservations call 231-722-3751 or email Kristin Knop at


Additional Marine Operations

In addition to commercial facilities, 12 recreational marinas operate on Muskegon Lake with over 20 fishing operations.



There is always a need for volunteers to help welcome passengers to our wonderful city! Trolley guide and volunteer training are provided by the Chamber in early/mid Spring. For information, call 231-722-3751 or by emailing Pati Webster at

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