The Port of Muskegon is one of the Great Lakes most popular cruise ship destinations.

With a unique combination of great art and great outdoors, the port has something for everyone to enjoy. The deep water of Muskegon Lake provides a safe harbor for vessels of all sizes with world-class marine services.


Docking Facilities and Reservations

Ships will enter Muskegon Lake through a deep water channel. The maximum depth of Muskegon Lake is 79 feet while the size is 12 square miles. For cruise ship dock reservations and services contact Bob Lukens or call 231-724-3103

For cargo, material handling, and storage, contact West Michigan Port Operators

Excursion Planning and Dockside Welcome

Great Art and History! Great Outdoors!  

One Day in Muskegon Brochure

Muskegon is a very unique place where you can experience an outdoor adventure and/or museums, maritime ships, and Victorian home tours all in one day! The Muskegon Lakeshore chamber can coordinate hop-on/hop-off bus tours and customized guided tours to fit your schedule.  Most sites are within walking distance or a short ride away. For planning assistance, transportation, and guide arrangements contact Linden Peterson or call 231-722-3751

Arts and Culture:

Outdoor or Eco-tourism Experiences:

  • Miles of Hiking and Biking through forests, sand dunes, and freshwater beaches
  • Zipline above the White Pine Forest, with Archery and Trail Quests programs
  • Beach BBQ Excursion
  • Science Presentations on Great Lake Water Restoration, Save the Lakes discussions

Additional Operations

The Port of Muskegon is the eastern host for the Lake Express High-Speed Ferry as well the local Aquastar. We are also the host to multiple Great Lakes Cruise Lines including the Pearl Mist, Victory I & II, and Le Champlain. On the commercial side, our facilities and marine services are world-class.

In addition to commercial facilities, 12 recreational marinas operate on Muskegon Lake with over 20 fishing operations.


There is always a need for volunteers to help welcome passengers to our wonderful city! Trolley guide and volunteer training are provided by the Chamber in early/mid Spring. For information, call 231-722-3751 or by emailing Pati Webster at

Cruise Ship Schedule

2022 Schedule


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