About the Chamber

The Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce is the premier business membership organization on the lakeshore representing over 1,230 businesses and organizations. Together, we’re creating an environment for business success through community leadership, promotion, inclusive business advocacy and valued member services.

Mission and Vision

Community Leadership

The Chamber takes a long-term view of community growth and prosperity by encouraging innovative regional solutions for economic development on Michigan’s West Coast.

Community Promotion

The Chamber promotes the area as the best place in Michigan to live, work and play.

Valued Member Services

The Chamber offers quality business information, member referrals, cost-saving benefits, networking opportunities and affordable training.

Inclusive Business Advocacy

The Chamber provides the voice of businesses for all quality enterprises: multicultural, large and small, local, regional, and global. The Chamber works to influence government and other local institutions to provide the best inclusive business climate possible for business growth and development.

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