Concerned about natural gas prices?

Chamber Blog |Dec 2, 2021|1 min read

We’ve got your back.

The headlines are filled with the news of rising natural gas prices, and you may be concerned about the impact that it will have on your business costs this winter.  We are always managing our gas supply and locked in our natural gas supply ahead of the recent price increases, insulating you from market price volatility this winter. We keep natural gas affordable for your business by passing along the cost of natural gas to you without any mark-up. You can also save money by using energy more efficiently.


Here are a few easy ways to manage your natural gas costs this winter:


  • Replace your thermostat with a programmable model and save up to $180 annually by programming it to automatically lower the temperature a degree or two during off-business hours.
  • Change or clean furnace filters every one to three months, especially during the coldest months of the year. Dirty filters increase energy usage and overworks your heating equipment which drives up your energy bill.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm to ensure your business is using natural gas safely.


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