Salon Owner Is Prepared and Ready to Open Immediately – Questions State’s Reopen Date

Business News |Jun 8, 2020|4 min read

There is no doubt that this is an unprecedented time for this country,
especially for the state of Michigan. With the Governor’s recent lift of the stay-at-home order and the
phased reopening of businesses, many business owners have changed their perspective on opening
from “When?” to “Why Not Us?”

For Lari Hines, owner of Salon 297 in Muskegon, and many other salon and spa owners across the state,
frustration is high as many local businesses now have permission to open their doors.

“We are going above and beyond our current in-place sanitation practices to ensure that all CDC
recommendations are met for a safe reopening,” said Hines. “I know by keeping salons and spas closed,
stylists and guests will “go underground” and choose to operate in-home, in potentially unsanitary
environments. If the Governor is really concerned about keeping our community safe, she would open
salons and spas and put our guests in the safest environment possible.”

“What I don’t understand is why we are being held back when multiple states now allow salons and spas
to operate,” added Hines. “Massage therapists are allowed to work in medical offices, but we don’t have
permission to perform the same procedures? We, as business owners, have so many questions that
need to be answered. But, when the time comes, we are safely prepared and ready to take care of our

Intending to reopen in the very near future, Salon 297 has taken the initiative to retool and remodel
their salon stations, retail, spa and lobby areas to comply with six-foot distancing requirements. They
have implemented and documented additional safety measures to protect their employees and guests.
In addition to required training hours and current sanitation practices, Salon 297 is Barbicide® certified
and adhere to 20 strict standards that represent best practices in infection control.

For salons and spas to become licensed in the state of Michigan, a required amount of “sanitation
patron protection” training hours must be completed. These hours have always been a requirement, not
just since the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are a few examples of what is required by the state to obtain a
license to operate.

• Cosmetologist – 1500 required hours to become licensed – 130 of the 1500 hours are dedicated
to sanitation patron protection
• Massage Therapist – 500 required hours to become licensed – 30 of the 500 hours are
dedicated to sanitation patron protection
• Manicurist – 400 required hours to become licensed – 100 of the 400 hours are dedicated to
sanitation patron protection
• Esthetician – 400 required hours to become licensed – 50 of the 400 hours are dedicated to
sanitation patron protection
“All of my staff, including myself, have dedicated hours to understanding and implementing the proper
way to sanitize and disinfect our salon and spa,” said Hines. “The additional safety measures we have
put into place are simply there to add extra protection to our employees and guests.”
Here is the complete list of changes and safety protocols that will be in place upon the reopening of
Salon 297.

View this video link that also outlines these changes.

• All service areas are six-feet apart for proper
social distancing.
• Doors will be propped open and surfaces
wiped down throughout the day.
• Check-in areas are spaced and equipped with
plexiglass partitions.
• Clients and stylists will wear masks.
• All guests will receive a fresh, clean cape.
• Equipment will be sanitized and disinfected
after each use with Barbicide® disinfectant.
• Purell® sanitation stations and several
handwashing areas have been added
throughout the salon and spa.
• All pedicure and manicure tools will be
sterilized with medical autoclave equipment.

“We are ready to open our doors… safely,” continued
Hines. “We want our clients and staff to know that
we are taking every possible step to make sure that
you are comfortable walking through our doors. And
I sincerely hope that is soon.”

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