Parmenter O’Toole Transitions to Parmenter Law

Business News |Jan 23, 2018|2 min read

Muskegon, MI – Jan. 23, 2018 – Parmenter Law was founded in Muskegon beginning in the late 1940s. In 1948, Harold M. Street and Paul Sorenson started the law firm, which eventually became O’Toole, Johnson, Potter, Rolf, and Eklund. In 1949, George A. Parmenter and Robert L. Forsythe began practicing under the name Parmenter and Forsythe. It was 1992 when the shareholders of these two well-respected firms merged to become Parmenter O’Toole.


Thomas O’Toole, one of the firm’s founding partners, established the traditions that continue to guide the firm today. His values of honesty, respect, hard work, and “doing what you said you would do” remain at the firm’s core. Mr. O’Toole practiced law with a dedication to these fundamental principles that continue to embody the spirit of Parmenter Law.
While the standard of exceptional legal services continues, the new year marks a transition to Parmenter Law, marking an evolution of the firm’s strong historic roots in the community to a new model of experience, trust, and team collaboration.


The change to Parmenter Law reflects the firm’s new and different business model in a rapidly changing business climate. Parmenter Law’s attorneys and entire team embrace a new collaborative philosophy in serving clients and achieving goals. They take a holistic approach to clients’ needs in a positive, trusting and transparent environment.


Today, Parmenter Law’s practice areas include Estate Planning, Elder Law, Real Estate, Business, Public Sector, and Civil Litigation. The firm provides legal counsel to businesses, municipalities, families, and individuals through West Michigan and beyond. The Parmenter Law team has 11 lawyers and a group of 17 paralegals and legal assistants.


The firm supports the local community through a variety of partnerships such as sponsoring Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce events, including the annual E Awards. Also, each year the firm partners with a local non-profit by supporting them financially and with hands-on project participation. In 2017, Harbor Hospice was the community partner, and in 2018, No More Sidelines will be the community partner.


Parmenter Law is located in downtown Muskegon on Muskegon Lake. For more information on the firm and their services, please visit or email