Lakeside Emporium Sweetest Day Parade

Business News |Oct 6, 2017|3 min read


Lakeside Emporium is planning a fall celebration from October 17 – 21, (“L.E.A.F.” – “Lakeside Emporium Autumn Fest”), the culmination of which will feature a parade.  The purpose of the parade extends beyond entertainment to that of a “harvest” for those in need in the community.  In other words, participants are asked to bring food items and/or new or unused winter wear, such as gloves, mittens, scarves, or hats, all for distribution to area food banks and shelters.  The items will be transported via the parade route in decorated vehicles, floats, wagons or carts, etc., by the participants.  The hope is that “audience” members will be entertained by musical groups, various marching units, & the decorated “vehicles” and will then follow suit, so to speak, and bring their own donations to the parade destination for distribution as well.


The parade is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, with a 9:30am step-off time.  It’s short (3 city blocks), but performing groups who are willing to do so are invited to stay and perform at the parade’s conclusion, in their parking lot.  The stage will be used to “accept” each group’s donation of food items and/or winter wear, and they will thank and acknowledge each group individually at that time.  Non-performing organizations will have the opportunity to share information about their group, if they choose to do so.


There will be no politicians or political statements, no candy being thrown.  It’s just a great, ‘sweet’ opportunity for organizations and individuals to come together to celebrate the fall harvest by giving to those in need.  They will have a “host” greet your group at the Grand Trunk Launch Ramp (2090 Lakeshore Dr., at the end of McCracken St.) between 8:30am and 9:00am that morning to get everyone lined up.  The parade will then begin at 9:30am and will head east down Lakeshore Dr., then turn into & conclude in their parking lot.  The “presentation of donated items” will take place then, and of course, the store will be open after the parade just in case anyone needs a treat!


One of the groups to which they will be donating is Kids’ Food Basket.  They will also accept traditional canned goods and non-perishable food items for other area food banks in need.  As previously stated, if participants would rather do so, they may instead donate new or unused gloves, hats, or scarves for all ages.


For more information, call Laureen at 231-755-9933.