2021 Dates Coming Soon!


Learn, grow, energize!

Muskegon in Focus will broaden your understanding of the community and its resources while teaching effective leadership. The program will help you network to expand your circle of personal and professional relationships and inspire others in our community.


About Muskegon in Focus


Muskegon in Focus brings a diverse group of professionals together in a community-awareness program, committed to enhancing and connecting leaders from business, non-profit and government. A series of seven (7) memorable experiences where you will learn about the community assets as well as the leaders behind them. Hear the stories of how great projects on the Muskegon lakeshore came to be. Session topics could include, but are not limited to:

  • A Lifetime of Adventure – Highlighting Muskegon’s unique outdoor assets and recreation
  • Clean Water for All – Learn how Muskegon county protects its’ waterways, water testing and research
  • We Almost Tore It Down – The story behind saving Merch Health Arena and other unpopular successes
  • Three Became One – Learn the stories behind how 3 separate health care systems became one – resulting in the largest investment ever in Muskegon County
  • Starting from Nothing – Hear from key community leaders and risktakers who set out to rebuild a vibrant downtown
  • It Starts In Your Neighborhood – A deep dive into Muskegon neighborhoods and how you can make a difference
  • Build It & They Will Come – Hear from the leaders in our top educational institutions on how investing in education has a lasting impact for generations to come
  • Business Matters – Key business professionals discuss the ups and downs of the local economy and how to give back to the community


Service starts with understanding your “community as a system” – its strengths and weaknesses, challenges and opportunities, as well as past accomplishments. Become an effective leader and impact the future!


7 full day sessions – exact dates will be announced soon!


Applicants should have an interest in community involvement, a demonstrated commitment to the area and a desire to better understand what makes Muskegon a great place to live, work, play and learn.