Become a Muskegon Star: Program educates participant on the City of Muskegon

Community News |Apr 4, 2019|1 min read

MUSKEGON, Mich. – There is so much to learn about the City of Muskegon and ways to get involved in the community — but where do you start? The Muskegon STAR!


The Muskegon STAR!, a program through the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, provides information and resources that increase community knowledge. The one-time class will fill you in on everything you’d need to know about Muskegon’s history, upcoming events, local resources and new developments.


As an added bonus, participants will be able to meet new people, make tons of business connections and find opportunities to volunteer within the Muskegon community.


For more information, visit WZZM13