What is behind the resurgence of Muskegon? Look to its growing support for entrepreneurs.

Community News |Dec 14, 2017|1 min read

When Kevin Ricco, the director of Grand Valley State University’s Muskegon Innovation Hub, returned to his home city in 2000 after about a decade and a half of living elsewhere, this West Michigan metropolis was on the precipice of sweeping change.


The industrial landscape that once dominated the city was shifting; the factory jobs people had relied upon for decades to feed their families were no longer a given. A year after Ricco returned, the Muskegon Mall shuttered for good, leaving in its wake a downtown almost entirely devoid of retail and a nonexistent street system in the 23 acres that, once upon a time, spelled economic revitalization for a struggling city. Not long after that, unemployment rates soared.

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