Wege Foundation Awards Grant to MOKA

Business News |May 24, 2018|2 min read

Grand Rapids, Michigan- MOKA announces that they have received a grant from the Wege Foundation. This grant is to support the expansion of MOKA’s Jobs Program into Kent County. The Jobs Program assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to develop skills to support successful employment in their community. This program will assist those with disabilities who would like a job, by teaching skills necessary to succeed. This program goes one step farther, by matching each individual with a local employer and ensuring that both the individual and the employer have what they need for the job placement to succeed. Based on the success rates with this program in Muskegon, MOKA is thrilled to be able to expand into Kent County thanks to the generous support from the Wege Foundation.


About MOKA:

MOKA was founded in 1978 by a group of parents concerned about the future of their intellectual and developmentally disabled adult children. MOKA began with one group home for disabled individuals and has grown to 34 homes, and expanded into additional programs. Today MOKA serves over 800 individuals in Residential programming, Supports Coordination, Autism ABA Therapy, and Community Supports.


To find out more about MOKA, please go to www.moka.org for information about the organization and their other programs