The War for Talent

Chamber Blog |Apr 29, 2021|4 min read

Lack of employee engagement is detrimental to any business. Workwise provides human resource solutions that have a lasting impact on the performance of people and your business, resulting in less stress and increased profits.


My role as a trusted business advisor is to offer expert consultation on talent acquisition, talent management, as well as other value-added human resources functions.


We believe that every employee deserves to be happy at work especially when you consider the average person will spend one-third of their lives at their job.


At WorkWise we help make sure that the one-third is as enjoyable as possible because we know that when you’re happy and engaged at work it has an immense impact on your entire quality of life. Engaged employees are more productive, have higher quality work and are less likely to leave. Engaged employees are your best ambassadors for recruiting to fill your open jobs.


Employers everywhere are dealing with the war for talent. On top of the jobs that are remaining vacant, statistics reveal that anywhere from 41% to 51% of your current employees are contemplating making a job change. One of the driving factors for this turnover is employee engagement (or a lack thereof.) What does that look like if you have to replace half of your current employees?


Creating a work culture where people feel valued, respected and supported is the key to retaining your current loyal employees and to attracting new employees.


Here are a few tips as you seek to fill your current job openings:


Recruiting Tips


  1. Current employees: Make sure your current employees are connected to your organization mentally and emotionally. Communicate frequently and encourage interpersonal kindness. 
  2. Share new hires. Post on social media when you have a new employee join your team.
  3. Encourage your influencers. Find out who on your current team is good at social media. Encourage them to help you with promoting your culture. Reward them for helping you.
  4. Employee referrals. Your current employees are your best source of candidates. Offer a referral bonus. I suggest a tiered bonus payout. Consider paying out 50% of the bonus after the employee has worked 30 days and then pay out the remaining 50% at 60 or 90 days.
  5. Local Schools. Get involved with our local schools by volunteering in the classroom. Teachers love to have outside businesses come in and talk to their classes. Sponsor a sports team/event. Connect with the Career Tech Center. Offer tours of your company.
  6. Text. Utilize texting rather than email.
  7. Website/LinkedIn. Post your job openings on your website and share on your LinkedIn. Use social media to promote your amazing culture with comments and photos from current employees.
  8. Job Fair. Host a job fair either virtually or in-person.
  9. Billboards. Keep your messaging brief and memorable.
  10. “We Are Hiring” Business Cards. Create business cards with your contact information and how to apply. Network whenever possible. Standing in line at the store, start a conversation. Have your hiring business cards handy.
  11. Don’t Delay. From the time of the job offer to your new hire’s first day on the job keep the process moving quickly. Stay in touch throughout the process.
  12. Advertise. Use local and free assistance like MLCC Member Connect, Facebook, Instagram, and West Michigan Works! Put vinyl clings on your vehicles. Give employees clothing with your logo.



At WorkWise we provide expert consultation on talent acquisition and talent management.  We know it isn’t just about filling the open position on your team. It is about finding someone who fits with the culture and who has the passion to push for excellence.


Let’s work together to create a culture that attracts talent.

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