Tech Center Teens Host Rotten Stuff Lab for 5th Graders

Community News |Mar 13, 2019|2 min read

Hospitality & Tourism student Rosetta Foster (Whitehall) hands Ealy Elementary fifth-grader Sophia Vaughn a litmus test strip as classmate Tyla Hyrns awaits the results.

MUSKEGON: Students from Whitehall’s Ealy Elementary traveled to the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (MACTC) to extend their understanding about decomposition for their Project-Based Learning science unit. MACTC Hospitality and Tourism students created stations to teach fifth-graders about steps taken during food preparation to prevent bacterial growth and decomposition.


During the trip, Ealy elementary students also traveled to the Muskegon County landfill to explore the question, “What happens to stuff when we throw it away?” Students were surprised to learn about the volume of trash traveling to our landfill. One student commented, “I just can’t believe how much we throw away!”


Back in Whitehall, students will apply their experiences to extend their learning about decomposers and waste management as they consider the quantity and flow of trash within their school building. Ultimately, students will identify a solution that will impact their community such as recycling, composting, or the reduction of waste


Contacts: Sarah Coleman, MAISD Science Consultant,, 231-767-7340
Stephanie Hoekenga, MACTC Student Outreach Specialist,, 231-767-3613