Shaping Muskegon’s Future Together: Key Takeaways from the 2024 Muskegon County Economic Summit

Chamber Blog |Jun 12, 2024|3 min read


Last Friday, the Chamber hosted the much-anticipated 2024 Muskegon County Economic Summit, and it was nothing short of a resounding success! The summit brought together a diverse range of experts and stakeholders for an engaging dialogue on key issues affecting our community.

Key Takeaways and Highlights:

One of the most inspiring themes of the summit was the vision for Muskegon to emerge as a premier destination for living and recreation. Our unique natural resources offer an incredible opportunity to create a thriving community that is both vibrant and inviting.

In an exciting development, your Chamber has partnered with renowned firm SmithGroup along with both private and public stakeholders to explore innovative ways to enhance Muskegon Lake’s accessibility and pedestrian friendliness. Jason Stangland, Principal & Director of Waterfront at SmithGroup, engaged the audience to imagine some of the forward-thinking concepts and ideas for integrating the lakefront into downtown Muskegon. This initiative promises to transform our waterfront into a bustling hub of activity and enjoyment. Next steps include the further conversations and collaboration with the stakeholders to help make the vision a reality.

You can access the entire waterfront slide presentation here: Muskegon Economic Summit Presentation

Do you support the concepts presented for the downtown Muskegon Lake waterfront? Contact Cindy or Rachel with your thoughts.

Another thought-provoking session featured representatives from Bear Lake, Mona Lake, White Lake, and Wolf Lake. These panelists shared valuable insights into their sustainability initiatives and unique attributes to these cherished bodies of water.

The summit also tackled the pressing issue of workforce shortages. Experts discussed actionable strategies that businesses can employ to attract and retain top talent, emphasizing the importance of creating supportive and flexible work environments to meet today’s evolving labor market demands.

The event rounded out with experts sharing diverse perspectives on the burgeoning short-term rental market, highlighting its potential to boost local tourism and the challenges it poses for community regulation. This insightful exchange offered valuable guidance on navigating the evolving landscape of short-term rentals.

The key takeaway from the summit is the extraordinary potential for Muskegon to leverage its natural and human resources to become a leading community for both residents and visitors. Through continued collaboration and innovative thinking, we are poised to make significant strides toward a prosperous and sustainable future.

Thank you to our sponsors for helping make this event possible: Eagle Alloy, DTE Energy, City of Muskegon, Hungerford CPAs + Advisors, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.