Muskegon Named America’s Strongest Town!

Chamber Blog |Apr 2, 2018|2 min read


Muskegon, MI – Muskegon, Michigan is the winner of the 2018 national Strong Towns Contest! This contest is hosted by the Strong Towns organization, a non-profit community development group, who recognizes America’s most sustainable and resilient communities. Muskegon entered the month long contest competing in a bracket-based competition where finalists included Annapolis, Maryland; Greenville, South Carolina; and Kent, Ohio.


Muskegon was recognized for its ability to implement change that makes the community stronger.  The judges acknowledged Muskegon for its “wildly successful farmers market, commitment to rebuilding the downtown and its good use of waterfront,” according to the Strong Towns announcement.


“It truly was March Madness for Muskegon because we had to jump through hoops each week to make it to the contest finals,” says Cindy Larsen, President of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce.  The contest included writing essays about the town, sending photographs, a podcast and a live webcast with the City Manager, Frank Peterson and Chamber President, Cindy Larsen.  Members of the strong town organization across the country along with local community residents casted their votes for their favorite community. In the championship round, Muskegon, Michigan won against Kent, Ohio by 4 percent!


“Muskegon has come so far in recent years.  It is great for the residents to receive this recognition. Strong Towns isn’t about one project or one person, it’s about everyone chipping in to move a community forward,” says Larsen.  “Anyone who visits will see that Muskegon truly is a strong town and has set the framework to be successful for the next generation.”


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