Muskegon Heights to protect athletes by moving sports to spring

Community News |Sep 14, 2020|1 min read

Muskegon Heights, MI – Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System officials announced today that they are postponing the fall sports season until spring to protect student athletes from COVID-19. The Muskegon Heights Community has been disproportionately impacted by the virus compared to the rest of Muskegon County with a positivity rate that is higher than the county average. Since the beginning of the school year students have been participating in a distance learning program conducted fully online due to the pandemic.
Athletic Director Dalrecus Stewart said, “The same science and disparity that helped inform the decision to avoid student interaction at school also remains intact on volleyball courts and football fields.”
State public health officials and multiple agencies have advised against contact sports (including football and volleyball) because they do not allow for social distancing. Superintendent Rané Garcia said, “As difficult as it is to make the decision to delay this season, we will follow the guidelines and advice of our public health officials. We value our students and community so much that we are willing to postpone the season until it is safer for students to compete.”