Muskegon Heights Business Association

The MHBA is a group of Muskegon Heights business leaders that have come together to create positive change.

 Group goals:

  •  A new business association has formed in the city of Muskegon Heights. The Muskegon Heights Business Association is a group of businesses, large and small, who have joined forces to create a “united voice” for a supportive business climate. Their intention is to build a thriving business community in this important core city.
  • The association members are eager to support other clean-up projects in Muskegon Heights and along Sherman Blvd.
  • The group also plans to work closely with city officials, the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber, and Muskegon Area First to advocate for better roads and new development.
  • 2019 Completed Projects
    • The first project of the association took place last spring, when members helped on a clean-up day for Rowan Park. We had about 25 attendees help for 3 hours.
    • Muskegon Heights Manufacturing Day – 120 students from Muskegon Heights and Muskegon toured 4 Muskegon Heights manufacturers. Students had a chance to learn about careers available in their local community and the education required for those positions. Tours and job shadows will continue throughout the year.

Association Chair: Jack Russell
Staff Liaison: Morgan Carroll


Jack Russell
Rolar Products

Morgan Carroll
Advocacy and Manufacturing Manager
Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

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New Business Association in Muskegon Heights

“A natural partnership to support businesses in the area” Morgan Carroll

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