Muskegon Bike Time, Rebel Road 2017 to coexist in downtown area

Community News |Apr 20, 2017|1 min read

MUSKEGON, MI – Bike Time 2017 will be a scaled-back version of the event bikers and the community have come to know.

However, the overall biker weekend will look similar to the years prior to Bike Time’s move to Fruitport Township in 2015 with activity on Western Avenue and at the Hot Rod Harley Davidson dealership, 149 Shoreline Drive.

The 11th annual Bike Time will take place at the Harley dealership, and will not feature concerts, merchandise vendors, food or a beer tent.

City of Muskegon officials “do not intend to allow any of those items at that location without approval by the Rebel Road organizers,” said Frank Peterson, Muskegon city manager.


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