Mercy Health Field

Business News |Jan 31, 2019|2 min read

A unique concept positioning Mercy Health’s community health and wellness expertise on the forefront of turf sports and recreation in Downtown Muskegon’s L. C. Walker Arena.




Mercy Health’s commitment to the Muskegon Lakeshore community has expanded!


On Saturday, February 2 during the Muskegon Risers home game in L. C. Walker Arena, the Muskegon Lakeshore community will experience “Mercy Health Field” for the first time. The game will effectively launch a longstanding agreement between Mercy Health, Muskegon Risers, and West Michigan Ironmen that places Mercy Health on the forefront of all turf sports and recreation activities in L. C. Walker Arena.


“Mercy Health is proud to show our commitment to the Muskegon community through our partnership with the Muskegon Risers and West Michigan Ironmen,” said Gary Allore, president of Mercy Health Muskegon. “Being the title sponsor of the turf field at the L.C. Walker Arena is an opportunity to show our support for active and healthy lifestyles.”


The concept includes Mercy Health’s logo at center field, arena signage, video monitors with engaging health and wellness content, “Mercy Health Field” listed on the Shoreline Drive Marquee and incorporated with all turf event & activity promotions.


An online turf rental platform has also been developed to allow members of the Muskegon sports community to view turf availability and make reservations for practices, camps, and other turf-related community events. The creation of this platform will help maximize downtown Muskegon’s potential as a hub for health and wellness activity.


“Mercy Health has shown an incredible commitment to local athletes for many years and provides unmatched service surrounding all aspects of an athlete’s health.” said Ironmen GM, Nate Smith, “Having the arena turf named Mercy Health Field is incredibly fitting and is the physical representation of what Mercy Health does; they lay the ground for our athletes to succeed.”




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