HealthWest to continue providing essential behavioral health and substance use services during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Community News |Mar 17, 2020|2 min read

Call before visiting HealthWest: Call 231-724-1111
24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Line: 231-722-HELP (4357)
For Ongoing Updates:


HealthWest is changing the way it operates to continue to safely serve the essential behavioral health and substance use treatment needs of the Muskegon County community during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


HealthWest will close most of its facilities, with only the Mental Health Center and Brinks Crisis Residential facilities remaining open to the public. Limited staff will be available at these facilities, and anyone arriving for services will be screened for coronavirus symptoms before being allowed into the buildings.


However, help will still be available to individuals who typically receive services at other HealthWest locations.


We are changing procedures to limit face-to-face meetings while staff continues to provide essential services, including an increased use of telemedicine and virtual meetings. HealthWest staff will begin contacting everyone in services weekly to ensure their needs are being met and to coordinate their care during this situation.


“The quality of care at HealthWest will not change during this outbreak,” said HealthWest Executive Director Julia Rupp. “We are simply changing the way we serve the community to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus while ensuring the behavioral health and substance use treatment needs are being met.”


HealthWest staff will conduct intake screenings over the phone for individuals wanting to start new services. Individuals seeking assistance should call 231-720-3200.


Our staff will also continue to assist those experiencing a mental health crisis to decrease demand on our community’s critical medical infrastructure.


Individuals in crisis can contact our crisis line 24-hours a day at 231-722-HELP (4357).


“The health and wellbeing of our community is our primary concern,” said Rupp. “By working together, we can make sure everyone stays safe during this crisis.”


Anyone with questions about their services at HealthWest is encouraged to call 231-724-1111 or their HealthWest worker.


HealthWest has also added a page to its website to provide regular updates to those in services and the community during the crisis. You can view those updates at