Fyah! Fyah! Fyah! How Tacitus Bailey-Yabani is bridging worlds and bringing Ghana to Muskegon

Community News |Dec 7, 2017|1 min read

As Tacitus Bailey-Yabani walks around downtown in November’s frigid autumn air, he can’t go more than a couple steps without someone yelling out his name, or more often, shouting “fyah, fyah, fyah!”


“Yeah, man, fyah, fyah, fyah!” Bailey-Yabani, who moved from Ghana in West Africa to Muskegon in 2014 and is the owner of Abeshi, a photography, art, and jewelry business that operates in one of the new chalets at the downtown Western Market, will yell back, smiling and pumping his arm in the air as he says the phrase that’s become a mantra in his own life.


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