Economic Vision for Muskegon

The future of the Muskegon Lakeshore is brighter than ever…

The vision is to create a vibrant waterfront community where all people may live and prosper in a healthy environment.  This vision is a product of the Muskegon Area-Wide Plan; many organizations were involved including the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce, Muskegon Area First, the local units of government and the West Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission.


To reach this vision, community leaders and citizens must focus on developing the following community assets:

  • A welcoming and diverse culture
  • Educated and globally minded citizens
  • A safe environment for all people
  • Protected and preserved natural resources
  • Affordable cost of doing business and living
  • Coordinated land use planning
  • Global transportation access
  • Government cooperation and harmonious community leadership
  • Outstanding and well-funded institutions, facilities, and businesses
  • County-wide state-of-the-art public infrastructure, including technology

Muskegon County, Michigan is known for its diverse, entrepreneur driven economy as:

  • A global leader in advanced manufacturing with specialization in metal, plastics, alternative energy, and agricultural products
  • A popular Midwest waterfront destination for year-around tourism, culture, and recreation activities
  • A popular Midwest waterfront destination for residential living and retirement
  • The regional lakeshore center for affordable. quality health care in basic and specialty services
  • The regional lakeshore center for life-long learning with emphasis in workforce training, early childhood through higher level adult education, and private and public research
  • The Regional lakeshore center for retail services



The vision for Muskegon County is already becoming a reality as we continue to see investment and job creation throughout this community.