Dynamic Conveyor Hires John Strong to Support Growing Conveyor Sales

Business News |Jul 12, 2019|2 min read

Dynamic Conveyor Sales Manager to support growing sales of DynaCon and DynaClean Conveying Systems


Dynamic Conveyor Corporation announced that John Stong has been hired as Sales Manager to support the growing company.  John’s experience and background includes several years of sales leadership in the industrial machine manufacturing industry.  John will focus on leading the Dynamic Conveyor sales team in providing conveyor solutions based on the unique needs of customers in the plastic parts manufacturing, food processing and packaging industries.


The DynaCon® conveyor systems offer parts manufacturers and packagers the ability to build their own conveyors using modules (like Lego® building blocks) to configure and later reconfigure their conveyor layouts. Modules are built using plastic injection molded parts, which bring strength and durability to the conveyor system, while remaining light-weight enough to be easily reconfigured. Reconfiguration of DynaCon conveyors offers an eco-friendly and sustainable solution.


The DynaClean® line of conveyors was introduced to food processors and packagers in 2011 as a cost saving alternative to traditional conveyors. DynaClean conveyors offer a patented design that is simple, quick and easy to disassemble and clean. There are no tools needed, no small parts to lose, and no nooks and crannies to clean. DynaClean conveyors have a very open design with no place for food or bacteria to hide and are much easier to clean than traditional food processing conveyors. DynaClean conveyors are known in the food processing and packaging industry for reducing cleaning times in half.


Based in Norton Shores, Michigan, Dynamic Conveyor is a privately held women owned company that has been offering innovative conveyor solutions to industry since 1991.  For more information on Dynamic Conveyor, visit www.DynamicConveyor.com or call 231.798.1483.