Cure International and International Aid: Stronger Together

Business News |Feb 17, 2020|4 min read

We believe that lives in some of the most challenged areas of the world can be changed through excellent and efficient healthcare and through the message of God’s love for them. Because of this, CURE International and International Aid have united to leverage our shared vision and unique competencies to maximize our ministry impact around the world. Together, we are able to better serve patients entrusted to our care while also expanding our ministry.


CURE and International Aid have a common interest in seeing the love of Christ displayed through ministries that reach the most challenged areas and greatest needs in the world. This natural partnership strengthens both ministries to do kingdom work and demonstrates the power of unity and collaboration in proclaiming the kingdom of God.


CURE hospitals offer life-changing surgery and the hope of the gospel to children with treatable conditions. International Aid provides medical equipment and health services to people in need around the world. International Aid’s experience with hospital equipment procurement will bring more operational efficiency to CURE hospitals. International Aid’s biomedical engineers will train national engineers at CURE hospitals and other hospitals in-country, creating relationships that generate referrals and revenue streams. It’s yet another way that together we can demonstrate the gospel by being a good neighbor.




CURE and International Aid have been partners for two decades, and the decision to join forces has been a careful and deliberate process designed to benefit both ministries.


Effective July 1, International Aid became a distinct, but wholly owned subsidiary of CURE International.
Over the remainder of 2019, both organizations will merge resources, teams, and offices into a shared West Michigan presence at International Aid in Spring Lake, MI.


From the standardization of equipment to the growth of our referral network, each entity will experience gains that will ultimately lead to more people served, around the world. The positive effects of this merger will be felt in more places, by more people, for many years to come.


We will remain committed to our partnerships and donors who make our ministries successful. We will continue to carry out our obligations to our funders with integrity. Together, we will become an even better steward of our donor’s entrusted gifts by increasing operational efficiencies to maximize our resources and reach.




CURE hospitals will continue to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God, now with the institutional consistency of common equipment and excellent biomedical technology services provided by International Aid.


• Over 100 shipments of medical equipment and supplies have gone to CURE hospitals from International Aid since January 2019.


• Four additional containers are going out in the next quarter to Ethiopia, Uganda, Niger and Kenya.


• In fiscal year 2020, 14 biomedical engineer trips are planned to include hospital equipment maintenance and training.


Together, we will continue to serve some of the most under resourced and underserved people in the world regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.




CURE International operates charitable hospitals and programs in 14 countries worldwide where patients experience the life-changing message of God’s love for them, receiving surgical treatment regardless of gender, religion, or ethnicity.


Since its founding in 1996, CURE hospitals have performed more than 205,000 procedures, and surgeons trained by CURE have performed more than 13,000 procedures to treat hydrocephalus and spina bifida.


Most importantly, we have seen God move in the lives of our patients, their families, and their communities and have had the opportunity to reach more than one million people with the good news of the gospel and witness more than 190,000 expressions of faith in Jesus Christ.




International Aid’s mission is to glorify Christ by providing medical equipment and health resources to global partners serving people in need. International Aid is one of the largest reconditioners of medical equipment in the nonprofit world and is committed to good stewardship by only sending appropriate, sustainable shipments to partners in areas of greatest need. It also works to direct medicines, health products and nutritional supplements from socially responsible corporations to ministries and humanitarian organizations.


At the heart of International Aid’s mission is compassion and to tangibly demonstrate the love of Jesus to those who are suffering. In fiscal year 2019, International Aid has equipped 92 partners worldwide with $30 million of aid that they depend on to bring healing and restoration to those who desperately need the One True Healer.


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