City Center Arts presents Plein Air at the Monet Gardens – A Fundraiser for the Garden

Community News |Aug 2, 2021|2 min read

The Monet Garden, located in downtown Muskegon at the corner of Clay and Fifth Street, is the volunteer garden project of the Lakeshore Garden Masters.  There   should be plenty of color in the garden this time of year

Plein air painting is about leaving the four walls of your studio behind and experiencing painting and drawing in the landscape. The practice goes back for centuries but was truly made into an art form by the French Impressionists. Their desire to paint light and its changing, ephemeral qualities, coupled with the creation of transportable paint tubes and the box easel—the precursor to the plein air easels of today—allowed artists the freedom to paint “en plein air,”

Dates and Times:  We have already held two events and adding two more.  Wednesday August 11th and Thursday August 12th from 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. (or dark).  You don’t have to stay the entire time if you finish early, or work on more than one piece.

Cost:  $10 to register and this fee goes to the Monet Garden
Capacity:  6 painters will be scheduled for each time slot
This is a public garden so there may be others wandering around the garden and stopping to watch artists work.

Finished artwork will be on display at City Center Arts Gallery and there will be a silent auction conducted and at our Art Reception for the opening of our Movement Vs Still Life Show which will be held on Friday, September 3rd from 7:30 -9:30 p.m.  40% of the proceeds will go to the Monet Garden.


Contact:  Renae Hesselink, Owner of City Center Arts.  (231) 670-9722


See photos from our Plein Air event on July 28th