Muskegon is known for quality talent and highly skilled workers.

It all starts with education. State-of-the-art facilities and award-winning teaching programs lead the way along the Lakeshore. In addition, local institutions provide statewide access for college and skilled training.

Opportunities for All Ages

Along the Lakeshore, every family can find the school environment fits their needs. The traditional schools offer large, small, public and private options. Michigan schools are focused on STEM programs as well as offering arts, civic and athletic opportunities. Specialty programs can be found at our colleges, fine arts institutions, and our museums.

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The Muskegon Area Intermediate School District provides leadership, programs and service to local schools systems, advocating for quality and success. They promote the Muskegon Promise, a free college tuition programs available to eligible students. New programs include outdoor classrooms and robotics education.

Career Preparation

Muskegon is proud to operate a world-class training center for hands-on learning and innovative programing at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center (CTC). They have 16 career prep programs offering academic credit, college credit and certifications.

Attracting Talent

Support for attracting talent is available through numerous resources! Call your Chamber at 231-722-3751 for a consultation.

Staffing Services
Career Training

Muskegon is dedicated to providing up-to-date career training opportunities for all students, offering a variety of award winning programs.

Become Certified
Muskegon in Focus

Muskegon in Focus brings a diverse group of professionals together for a community-awareness program, providing numerous experiences that give a behind-the-scenes look at opportunities to “make a difference”.

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