The Voice for Business

The Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer its membership advocacy staff dedicated to working with local, state and federal elected officials to influence pro-business policies that impact your bottom line. Having a voice and influence in the government is essential to successful business in Muskegon and is the top priority of the advocacy staff. Every Chamber member is encouraged to stay up to date on current legislation and Chamber support on varying issues.

How we use our voice

Government Affairs Committee

After thorough strategic planning sessions, the Government Affairs Committee has sets the agenda for your Chamber’s legislative priorities for the year. Building better relationships with local government leaders is the top priority for this committee. The top issues to address include crime, image, Port of Muskegon development, and transportation. Each year Chamber members are surveyed to determine the business issues most important to the local community. The survey results guide the chamber’s positions and government affairs committee activities throughout the year. Click Here to view different ways the Chamber has taken action.

Candidate Star Rating System

Before an election, the Government Affairs Committee takes the time to interview candidates to provide a star rating based on how the candidate views and intends to act upon the issues that impact businesses in Muskegon. These star rating serves as a quick resource to Chamber members as they prepare to vote. Click here to view a printable 2016 Candidate Star Ratings.

Candidate School

For those members that have ever pondered the idea of running for an elected position, a Candidate School event is offered periodically to give an overview of the ins and outs of the entire process. Local officials are invited to offer their own insights of the rewards and responsibilities of running and the local issues are presented.