Accurate Counting Solutions Now Offered with Box Filling Systems

Business News |Aug 29, 2018|1 min read

Dynamic Conveyor now offers both In-Line and Side-by-Side Box Filling Systems by part count, cycle count or weight. All Box Filling Systems are engineered to meet your specific box filling needs. Aut

omatic filling systems are designed for un-attended box filling of parts by weight and/or count. Systems are designed to accommodate boxes from 6” to 27” and include high quality Mettler Toledo scales.


Automatic filling systems allow user defined fill rates to insure accuracy up to 0.3 ounces, providing the most precise box or container filling. Offering a smooth transfer of boxes from 0 – 200 lbs., the systems are automated and allow for unattended operation of filling with simple control set-up, quick disconnects between conveyors, and an easy to read visual indicator on a large graphical LED display. Utilizing minimal energy resources, the systems operate on 110V and use no compressed air.


In-Line Box Filling by count are the most economical type of systems. Cycle count systems are cost effective and easy to implement. Side-by-Side Box Filling Systems are used when space constraints are an issue.


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