A Taste of Muskegon – Pizza Places

Community News |Sep 28, 2022|5 min read

Article by Gary Simmons

Muskegon may not be a big name for pizza like New York or Chicago at the moment, but right now the pizza scene is just unique enough for a pizza fan to see what this place is all about. Here are 5 pizza places that are a must visit for anyone new to Muskegon.

In Downtown Muskegon, 18th Amendment Spirits offers a unique environment to try their one- of-a-kind pizzas. Located in a historic bank building at 350 W. Western Avenue, the restaurant has a 1920’s speakeasy aesthetic, along with antiques from Muskegon’s history. The eatery has exposed brick walls, chandeliers, an authentic wooden bar built by Brunswick, as well as a piano built by the Hackley Piano Factory. The restaurant also has relaxing jazz music, as well as live bands on certain days. One of their more unique offerings is their Hot Honey pizza, which has pulled pork, jalapeno, Wisconsin brick cheese, and green onions with honey glaze. This wood fired oven pizza gives a very distinct ‘sweet and spicy’ taste that is very rich and filling. The crust has a buttery and flaky texture that makes it feel like it came fresh out of a bakery, which actually is kind of true as 18th Amendment makes their own crust in-house. Their dessert offerings are also worth trying as well. Their Apple Pie Pizza is a sweet, creamy dessert pizza that has honey, sugar and apples with frosting as toppings. It has a fresh, but also nostalgic taste to it. 18th Amendment Spirits also offers their unique line of beverages as well as some delicious liquor flavored ice cream all served up in a ‘Chicago-style speakeasy” that always gives you something new and unique.

On the other side of the Muskegon area, in suburban Egelston Township is another  characteristic pizza place. Wolfie’s Pizza and Subs, located at 420 S. Wolf Lake Rd, has been serving up their unique styles of pizza to the Oakridge School community since 2006. The restaurant, located across the street from Oakridge High School, has a calm blue and white color scheme (Oakridge’s school colors) that also has a relaxed, laid-back family friendly atmosphere. The restaurant is at its most lively during Oakridge football games. There is a small party room for families celebrating special events. Their signature dish is the Junkyard Pizza, a pizza that is loaded with almost everything. It has pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, salami, peppers, onions and mushrooms all on a thin crust pizza. It packs a lot of flavor on a small dish. Their other sides also include fried mushrooms, and fried cauliflower, which are also great appetizers to have while you wait for your pizza. Wolfie’s Pizza is a great place to take the family out for a weekend lunch or dinner.

Photo credit: Wolfies Pizza and Subs

Fricano’s Pizza on Muskegon Lake is another elegant place to have a night out. Located at 1050 Western Avenue, the location was originally a curtain roll factory that lasted from the 1880s to the 1980s. Fricano’s moved in at the start of the 2000s and by 2009 they owned the entire building. While the lakeside views make it a stunning place to have dinner, the dark, intimate lighting also makes it a very personal place to spend the evening with someone. Their classic 5-topping pizza includes pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and anchovy, and is a very popular dish to have. In addition to offering authentic, thin crust Italian style pizza, there is also an ice cream parlor that has a family-friendly retro atmosphere. Fricano’s is a classy, family friendly place that combines the best of 18th Amendment with Wolfie’s Pizza, for a sophisticated place that is also safe for families to spend the evening.

Mr. Scrib’s Pizza is a popular Muskegon classic. With 4 locations in the City of Muskegon, Norton Shores, North Muskegon, and Egelston Township, as well as a 5th in Grand Haven, it’s a place many Muskegon locals have spent time at for over 45 years. They offer a wide variety of pizzas with different topping sizes and options. Even a 2 Topping large pizza will still have lots of flavor to offer. The 2 Topping Pepperoni and Mushroom Pizza is packed with lots of flavor for having only 2 toppings, along with gooey cheese that gives it a smooth texture. Their flavorful pizzas are one of many reasons why generations of Muskegonites love Mr.Scrib’s Pizza. Mr. Scrib’s Pizza is so popular that some people are willing to order out of state and even have it delivered to them frozen overnight!

Have you ever wanted to have a good Chicago Style deep dish pizza without traveling 3 hours to the south? You can if you visit the Handsome Hobo Restaurant in North Muskegon. Located at 1437 Whitehall Road, Handsome Hobo’s has a very classy, sophisticated atmosphere inspired by old- time Chicago. The restaurant has vintage works of art, antiques, and Art Deco inspired light fixtures that reminds one of 1930s Chicago. There is also a bar where you can watch sporting events with friends. Their signature dish is their Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza, which comes with a variety of toppings. The pizza filled with toppings, cheese, and sauce is more like a full dinner than just a regular pie. This is the type of dish that you would share with friends. Their desserts are just as savory; the Peanut Butter Cake has a creamy peanut butter base topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Handsome Hobo’s is the perfect place to have a taste of classic Chicago without even leaving Muskegon County.

These 5 pizza places are Muskegon’s best kept secret and if enough people discover what Muskegon natives have always liked for decades, then Muskegon might have a chance at becoming a major pizza destination.