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WATCH MUSKEGON is the message that is being conveyed through a multi-faceted, community image improvement campaign taking place along the Muskegon Lakeshore.  The message behind the marketing component of this 14 point campaign was created to produce awareness about the community’s numerous assets, recent developments and overall appeal.

“The Muskegon region has undergone many changes in recent years and it’s time people learned about the positive changes that are taking place here,” said Bob Lukens, Community Development Director for Muskegon County. Lukens is referring to Muskegon’s low unemployment, millions of dollars in capital investment and many exciting new businesses downtown such as the Farmer’s Market, breweries and others.

This WATCH MUSKEGON message will be seen throughout Muskegon County and the rest of West Michigan encouraging citizens and neighbors to get engaged in their community and understand what is here and that this is just the beginning.  The message will be seen over the next several years through grassroots marketing efforts, online marketing, billboards, radio and television ads, industry publications, on Muskegon County buses and other unique forms of advertising.

The concept for this campaign began as a replacement for the welcome sign as you enter the downtown area from Seaway Drive. “Initially, we wanted to let visitors and residents know that things are happening in Muskegon and that there is momentum here,” says City of Muskegon Manager Frank Peterson. “We know there’s still work to be done and that this is a work in progress… in fact, we’re just getting started.”

To carry the momentum forward, an oversight committee was formed and the concept is evolving into a larger, local, regional, and maybe one day national campaign.  “It has really evolved from a single city sign, to a campaign that better shows Muskegon’s progress and the people that are making it happen,” says Cindy Larsen, President of the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce.

Community residents, businesses and others are all encouraged to utilize the message in any internal and external publications understanding that the message will attract employees, investments, residents, students, businesses and others to the area.  “We are glad to see a campaign that can be adaptable for a wide variety of uses throughout our diverse community,” says Norton Shores Mayor Gary Nelund. 

This community-wide marketing campaign is just one of the strategies currently underway to change people’s perception of the Muskegon Lakeshore community. In a 14 point image improvement plan authored by the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce it reads, when people appreciate, promote and invest in a community, the local economy grows. The community attracts residents, visitors, businesses and workforce talent. 

It is for this reason that numerous community stakeholders are allocating resources and staff time to projects which promote Muskegon’s image as a premier waterfront community.

“There are things happening in Muskegon.  We’re just getting started and we hope people will notice the progress that’s being made,” Lukens added.  

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