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Monday morning job seeker: Find out who's hiring with one quick visit this morning

Wondering who's hiring? Michigan Works Muskegon-Oceana has a pretty good idea, and they're talking.

Spokeswoman Brittany Lenertz said that the agency's business services team - the people actually talking to businesses and trying to round up talent for them - puts on a presentation called "Your Employer Connection" each week for job seekers.

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See what area leaders had to say about 4 facets of Muskegon Lake development

Muskegon-area leaders have said it time and time again, "Muskegon Lake is our greatest resource."

The 4,150-acre, fresh-water Lake has long been an important part of Muskegon, and its history, but those in the environmental, business and economic sectors agree that the lake's future and how it relates to Muskegon could be even more crucial than that of the past.

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Michigan's Heritage Park at Hilt's Landing readies for June 6 opening

Where do you acquire the bed of a French Fur Trader?

Well, if you work at Michigan's Heritage Park at Hilt's Landing, you build one yourself.

The 19-acre museum park in Whitehall Township is set to open June 6. A project of Muskegon's Lakeshore Museum Center, the open-air museum park has been in the planning for years. The park will have a half-mile, handicap-accessible loop trail with historical exhibits along the way from 10,000 years of Michigan history.

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With 40th anniversary approaching, Hearthstone Bistro completes 'sultry, sexy' renovations to Muskegon restaurant

One of Muskegon's sexiest restaurants recently got sexier.

Since it opened in 1975, The Hearthstone Bistro, 3350 Glade St., has been one of Muskegon County's most popular places for date nights and romance. A multi-phase, $65,000 renovation of the restaurant was recently completed just in time for Valentine's Day.

New flooring, upholstery, wall covering, lighting and d├ęcor are among the improvements made inside the popular eatery located just off Seaway Drive.

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G&L, home of the 'Amazing Greek Chili Dog,' opens fourth Muskegon location on Holton Road

It is known simply as "The Special," and for good reason.

G&L's "Amazing Greek Chili Dog" has been a Muskegon-area staple since 1926. Founded by Greek immigrants George Baldas and Louie Coredas, G&L was created as an easy way to satisfy the hunger of thousands of people working in downtown Muskegon.

It was just one of more than 15 Greek-run restaurants located in downtown Muskegon, but nearly 90 years later, G&L is one of the few that remains and it's as popular as ever.

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Skilled labor shortage predicted in Muskegon County

Manufacturers in Muskegon County say they're seeing signs of a skilled labor shortage and that has the potential to impact their future growth.

ADAC Automotive operates three manufacturing facilities in Muskegon. At their newest facility workers make door handles for the Ford F-150. ADAC already employees around 900 workers in Muskegon and finding more skilled workers is becoming a challenge.

Vice president of operations Rick Vandekopple says the company needs to fill 12 specialty positions right now. "We are having more and more difficulty finding experienced people, whether it is technical staff, from a molding stand point, controls engineering, robotics engineering," said Vandekopple.

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$125K in grants coming for Port of Muskegon from the West Michigan Prosperity Alliance

West Michigan officials are ready to spend $125,000 to study the best way to develop the Port of Muskegon.

The Port of Muskegon project made a short list of projects that the newly formed West Michigan Prosperity Alliance announced it would help fund. The port was the alliance's top priority when members voted on 31 different projects back in October.

"Everyone in the 13-county region felt very strongly," said John Weiss, chairman of the West Michigan Prosperity Alliance. The port is seen by many as an opportunity for shipping agriculture-related goods or even international shipping of manufactured products. "It was really seen as a job-builder for the entire West Michigan economy."

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$4.1 million state grant announced for Muskegon Community College's Downtown Center

A $4.1 million state grant announced by Gov. Rick Snyder Tuesday will provide a big boost for Muskegon Community College's new Downtown Center.

MCC was one of 18 community colleges chosen to receive more than $21.5 million in funding for skilled trades equipment.

The money will be used for several MCC programs, including welding, machining, electrical technology and manufacturing automation, that are moving into the Downtown Center at the former Muskegon Chronicle building.

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Where will the jobs be in 2020? Economist provides long-term forecast for Muskegon County

Where will people find work between now and 2020? And, more to the point of Monday's economic forecast discussion, how will they get their training?

Economist George Erickcek tried to answer the first question with his long-term forecast for Muskegon County. It will be up to the Muskegon Community College Board of Trustees to try to answer the second question.

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Muskegon entrepreneurial program for high school students recognized by Gov. Snyder

businessnews1Instructors at the Muskegon Area Career Tech Center and Muskegon Community College were recently recognized for excellence in preparing students for college and careers.

CTC instructors Kathy Andrews and Sandy Goodrich received the 2015 College & Career Readiness Initiative Excellence in Practice Award from Gov. Rick Snyder during a conference in Grand Rapids last week.

Andrews and Goodrich partnered with MCC instructor Dave Stradal on a business entrepreneurship class at the CTC last year. As a result 77 students started more than 20 businesses while earning college and high school credit.

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